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Article: Australian Beauty

Australian Beauty

The popularity of A-Beauty is only increasing & is getting the international beauty world talking. For those in the know A-Beauty is short for Australian Beauty. 

First we had K-Beauty (Korean Beauty) with complex 10 step beauty routines to achieve and maintain flawless glass complexion favoured by the Korean Beauty scene.  Then came J-Beauty (Japanese Beauty) offering minimal, dependable, simple regimes.

But trust Australians, with their laid back but active lifestyles, to grow a beauty movement that is all about minimal steps & maximum results. All with an added eco-conscious sensibility! Move over K & J Beauty as A-Beauty (Australian Beauty) is proving to be far more than a trend and not going anywhere. 

What exactly is A-Beauty? Think minimal fuss with turbo-charged results. We’re talking a small number of skincare products delivering multiple results from the one product. Like Australians, A-Beauty is hard working but also offers time to relax & enjoy life. A-Beauty routines favour products that offer more than one result at a time. But to be true to A-Beauty ethos, your skincare also needs to be genuinely eco-friendly, no green-washing for this beauty movement.  

Organic, botanical based skincare has always worked with the principles of A-Beauty, they just didn’t need a word for it & definitely didn’t need to wait until the world caught up with them. Organic plant based skincare companies formulate their products around high-delivery nutrient dense ingredients each and every time. 

Look to quality organic skincare companies for products packed with multi-tasking, nutrient dense ingredients. A-Beauty aligned names to note on ingredient lists are Aloe, Calendula, Rosehip, Avocado, Macadamia & pure organic essential oils such as Lavender & Neroli. 

Australian natives are increasingly in demand as they are the epitome of A-Beauty. Kakadu Plum, Quandong, Lilly Pilly & Davidson Plum all are packed with multi-tasking nutrients that deliver world leading results in not only anti-ageing but also incredible results for sun protection, skin repair, antioxidant care & hydration. 

Nature, in all her glorious wisdom, has an exceptional ability to offer complex multi-tasking nutrient compounds that are highly bio-available. When you choose natural sources of skin nutrients such as herbs, botanical extracts & essential oils it is more likely you will find skin nutrients in a bio-available form. This means that the body can easily absorb & utilise the ingredients. With organic botanical skincare, your skin nutrients will also come with supporting co-factors that can assist with even greater absorption and skin utilisation. 

Take Vitamin C for example, one of the skin’s best protective & regenerative nutrients. But it needs to be in a form that the skin is able to utilise. When delivered with it’s co-factors of bio-flavanoids, your Vitamin C can deliver even great visible results. If we look to say a mandarin, we find nature provides an abundance of Vitamin C within the flesh, surrounded by co-factor bioflavonoids on the outer edges near the pith. Together, nature provides the packaged deal when it comes to nutritional impact. Botanical extracts work in a similar way providing the skin with combined bio-available nutrient delivery systems for immediate results. 

Nature is naturally A-Beauty in a nut-shell. Organic botanical skincare is highly effect and with the added bonus of multi-tasking results.  No wonder the world’s attention is turning to Australian ingredients, and their skincare companies!