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Article: Why is it important to use organic barrier cream for your babies?

Why is it important to use organic barrier cream for your babies?

 There is nothing quite as silky and soft as a baby’s skin. So much so that the expression “smooth as a baby’s bottom” exists in the popular lexicon as a verbal measure of something being as soft as possible. But what can you be doing to make sure that your babies skin is not only as smooth possible but also as healthy too?

One of the most fundamental functions of the skin is as a barrier to protect the body. In infants and newborns, the structure and composition of skin and subcutaneous fat are different than that of adults. This means that not only is the water content of babies skin higher, it is also able to absorb more water and to shed surplus water much faster. ( This structural difference in their skin, the immaturity of the baby’s immune system, and their greatly reduced amount of body fat, babies can be much more susceptible to percutaneous toxicity ( —a type of poisoning which occurs when toxic material is absorbed through the skin.

Bearing all this in mind there are several factors to consider when choosing the products that are right for your child.

No Chemicals. Chemicals are often added to lotions, creams, and sunscreen products. Some of these such as homosalate, benzophenone-3, oxybenzone, octyl-dimethyl-para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), octyl-methoxycinnamate (OMC), and 4-methyl-benzylidene camphor (4-MBC) have all been shown, to potentially be disruptive to normal hormone levels ( Future studies could potentially reveal other links between chemical absorption through the skin and health, so it’s better to play it safe. Whenever possible choose products for your baby that are free from any dye’s, preservatives, or other chemicals which have been suggested as being potentially linked to cancer by the Malaysian Governments, consumer association and by various cancer experts.

Natural Ingredients. Natural products, such as plant oils, and other plant-based emollients and moisturizers have not only shown to be highly effective in helping to protect babies skin, but also in ensuring that skin maintains the correct moisture balance and does not become overly dry. ( ( ( Choose products like Koala Baby super soft lotion, which is made of only natural ingredients.

Go Organic. Organic products are grown with strict limits on what types of fertilizers, pesticides, and other agricultural products may be used in the life cycle of the plant. Because your baby’s skin can more easily absorb these compounds, it is always best to opt for products such as Koala Baby barrier cream which is made from all organic ingredients. It can especially important to use products like these after cleaning up as part a nappy change, as moisturizers used for this purpose can be absorbed through the baby’s diaper area which is very sensitive to moisture. Koala Baby barrier cream also uses an airless pump for dispensing, which keeps the product fresher for longer and keeps out the outside environment.

When dealing with the long term health of a child you always have to consider the implications of what’s entering your young one’s body. The case for choosing natural, safe, organic products for your babies skin is a clear one, that any concerned parent should take seriously.