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Article: Cleansing – A Must-Have For Skin Rejuvenation

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Cleansing – A Must-Have For Skin Rejuvenation

Must-Have For Skin Rejuvenation


You cannot draw a nice painting on dirty paper. 

This analogy applies to your face as well. Your face is a canvas.  There is a lot of pollution, dust, and makeup to remove from your skin before applying any other skincare products; otherwise, you are wasting money by putting other skincare products on your skin. Your pores get blocked with toxins from environmental impurities. The best skincare may not give the desired benefits on clogged pores, leading to spots, blackouts, and sensitive skin. So it is essential to clean your face with a good gentle cleanser; the same applies to men’s skincare, as men usually have larger pores and can store more dirt on their skin.

We give you five reasons why Cleansing is an essential first step in your skincare routine:-

  1. Removes dead skin cells from your skin:-
    • Makeup, sweat, and environmental toxins all take a toll on the upper layer of your skin. Washing away these impurities with a natural cleanser helps remove the dead cells from your skin, giving it a chance to breathe.
  2. Maintains proper level of hydration:-
    • Facial Cleansing, followed by a good moisturizer, helps restore the skin's hydration. It helps manage the skin's pH levels, leaving the skin healthy to retain water and helping your best skincare product penetrate clean skin.
  3. Cleansing helps skin care products work properly:-
    • Suppose you are undergoing a skin care treatment (like laser treatment or plastic surgery) or using the best antiaging products. In that case, cleansing maintains a proper pore size, ensuring a healthy skin barrier.
  4. Keeps your skin clear, healthy, and radiant:-
    • Clean skin glows as it removes all the excess dirt and oils from your face that could contribute to breakouts, dehydration, and aging. Cleansing also helps prevent the build-up of bacteria overgrowth that could damage the skin barrier.
  5. Men’s skin needs it too:-
    • Men tend to have oilier and thicker skin than women. The pores in men’s skin are also large, and using a gentle cleanser twice daily prevents clogging. A good skincare regimen is becoming an essential part of men’s grooming. Natural Cleansers are an excellent choice for men as they are suitable for all skin types.

As Cleansing is the most crucial part of your skincare routine, we strongly suggest using a gentle, natural skin cleanser. We believe natural ingredients are the skin’s best friend, as they are free from toxic chemicals and environmentally sustainable.

Jasmin Organics is built on the philosophy that nature has healing properties.  We combine the healing powers of Nature and Aromatherapy with the time-tester processes of science and bring you the best natural skin care products in Australia.

Here are two of our best-selling Cleansers in Australia built on this philosophy:-

  1. Gentle Cleansing Lotion:
    • With a smooth and creamy texture made with a blend of Natural  Vegetable Oils that help to remove makeup and impurities gently, this cleansing lotion will leave your skin looking brighter, clearer, and more hydrated. Suitable for both sensitive and dry skin, for men and women.  Read here for more details about the natural ingredients used in this product and their skin benefits.
  2. Purifying Foaming Cleanser:
    • The Purifying Foaming Cleanser will thoroughly help to clean your skin leaving you feeling refreshed and awakened. Your skin will feel beautifully cleansed, ready to start your day. Use the Gentle Cleansing lotion first to remove your makeup and any impurities on the skin.  (Pro Tip: double-cleansing with natural ingredients gives your skin double the benefits for clean, healthy skin.)  Read here for more details about the ingredients used in this product and their skin benefits.

Watch out for this space as we bring you the best skincare tips and more details on natural skincare in our upcoming clogs.

Bye for now.  Love your skin and buy only natural skincare products.