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Article: Transitioning your Skincare during the Cooler Months


Transitioning your Skincare during the Cooler Months

Transitioning your Skincare during the Cooler Months

As the days get shorter and the temperature starts to drop here in the Southern hemisphere, you might be noticing slight changes in your skin. Whether it’s dry skin, a tight feeling, or a duller complexion, the arrival of each season heralds the time to start rethinking your usual skincare routine.

Autumn and Winter skin care issues include dryness, sensitivity, and a lackluster look. When temperatures becomes noticeable cooler, our skin can become damaged and this often leads to more skin issues including inflammation, sensitivity, and redness.

Step 1 - Correct Cleansing

Cleansing both morning and night is essential for clear and clean skin. Each day, impurities like dirt and sweat build up on your skin. It is important to remove these ‘nasties’ so that your skin doesn’t become irritated and congested.

Always remember to take your time when cleansing! Not only does this help to increase blood flow but it also aids in the elimination of toxins. If you are using a foaming cleanser, now is the time to think about switching things up to include our Gentle Cleansing Lotion, enriched with essentials oils like sunflower and almond oil and specifically formulated for drier skin. This lotion will help penetrate the skin and dislodge impurities while also keeping it smooth and supple.

Hot tip - no matter your skin type, choose a cleanser packed with antioxidants and natural ingredients as these help ease inflammation and sensitivities.  Your skin with soft and smooth after using it.

Step 2 - Essential Exfoliation

Gentle exfoliation in autumn will help buff away the top layer of dead skin cells. It also allows for your skin to absorb other products like serums and moisturisers.

Jasmin Organics’ Rejuvenating Face Scrub, does just this and encourages the renewal cycle of the skin. It will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed with an all-round smoother retextured feel.

Hot tip - Don’t overdo it though - use twice a week (preferably at night) to achieve a clean, glowing complexion and youthful skin.

Step 3 - Magic Moisturiser

Make sure you reinforce your skin’s natural barrier and prevent moisture loss through hydration by using a quality moisturiser.

Oilier skin types may want to continue using a lighter moisturiser in autumn and swap to a heavier one once winter arrives.

Drier skin types should look for nutrient packed moisturisers rich in plant oils like macadamia, jojoba, avocado, almond, and sunflower oils.

Hot tip - You should be moisturising morning and night to keep hydration levels in check. Why not try Jasmin Organics’ Day and Night creams. These have been specifically formulated for use at particular times of the day.

Use the Day Cream for when you are active and use the Night Cream for when you are resting and your skin is cleansed.

The Season of Simplicity

The most important thing to remember during Autumn is to keep your regime simple. By using quality natural products, you will help your skin looks its best without exposing yourself and your family to harsh chemicals found in other products.

We guarantee that every natural ingredient used in Jasmin Organic products has been selected to assist your skin and keep it healthy whatever the season.