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Essential Oil Diffuser

Sale price$130.00

The Jasmin Aromatherapy diffuser perfectly combines aesthetics and efficiency. It purifies, freshens and fragrances the air in the room. Our diffuser allows you to enjoy the wide range of aromatherapeutic effects that essential oils offer for the body and mind including relaxation, revitalization, mood alteration and decongestion to name a few. 
This premium diffuser differs from regular market diffusers as it uses 'cold nebulization' rather than steam diffusion, working by disintegrating the essential oils into micro-molecules and directly pumping these into the air. As the essential oils are not heated, they maintain all of their therapeutic properties. 

Easy to use, portable, and elegant with an innovative design, this diffuser will perfectly enhance your home or your workplace, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy daily wherever you are.


Place 3 drops of your favourite Jasmin Aromatique Pure Essential Oil into the glass and turn a switch clockwise.