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Mum and Baby Bond

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Gift Set Includes:
1 x 75ml Mummy's Tummy Cream
1 x 75ml Mum & Baby Balm
1 x 50gm Baby Soft Face Cream
1 x 30ml Aloe Vera Gel Spray

Mummy's Tummy Cream
A non-greasy easily absorbed Mothers Cream, formulated for all pre and post pregnancy conditions. Apply regularly to belly, breasts, buttocks and thighs. The vitamin C rich Rosehip and Sea buckthorn oils improve skin regeneration, elasticity and suppleness, reducing the appearance of stretchmarks. The uplifting and refreshing aroma therapeutic blend of Orange, Lavender, Frankincense, Neroli and Pettigrain oils helps increase energy levels, relieve nausea, fluid retention, aches and pains.

Mum & Baby Balm
High quality protective balm, specially formulated for sensitive skin. Perfect for use on newborn babies for a diaper rash. Suitable as a nipple balm to protect and repair sore, cracked and dry areola. Nourishing natural shea and cocoa butters provide a breathable barrier and protect delicate skin from damage and irritation, without disrupting the natural skin oil balance. Avocado and Evening Primrose are high in vitamins and nutrients and help moisturise, aiding normal function and development. Natural honey has anti-bacterial and skin soothing properties.

Baby Soft Face Cream
A mild and gentle moisturising Face Cream is suitable for both mum and baby. It has been specially formulated with natural ingredients to help to protect the most delicate baby’s skin from the harsh environment and outdoor pollution. Daily application after cleansing will help to keep face soft and smooth. It is based on Aloe Vera Gel known for its moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and skin protection properties. With lavender and chamomile extracts to help to soothe inflammations.

Aloe Vera Gel Spray
A superb calming and soothing Gel Spray for easy application for both mum and baby. Spray onto any areas showing signs of redness, itching or dryness, and typically after nappy changes. May also be used as a mild after sun spray to cool and soothe the skin. Aloe Vera Leaf Gel has moisturizing, anti-inflammation and skin protection effects.
Mum and Baby Bond
Mum and Baby Bond Sale price$100.00 Regular price$159.00